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Apr 2021

Using an Answering Service For Your Criminal Defense Law Firm

Between strategizing cases, negotiating agreements, conducting research, litigation, writing briefs, advising clients, mediation, and staying updated with new laws changes, lawyers do it all, and their workday equalizes a week’s worth of work for most...

Feb 2020

Beware of Arrest Warrants

Something happened, allegedly. You were arrested by police and released with a notice telling you when to appear in court. You appeared in court when you were supposed to, but nothing was filed. What happens next? Throughout the Coachella Valley, there...

Oct 2017

In Court, Presentation is Everything!

In Court, Presentation is Everything! We teach our children, as we were hopefully taught, not to judge a person from the outside; looks don’t matter because it is what’s inside that counts most. I believe that is a very important and very true lesson...

Jul 2017

“Is It Okay If We Search Your Car, House or Bag?" What To Do Say When Police Ask.

No! The answer is always no! The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution unequivocally protects each of us from unlawful search and seizure. Many have fought and died because that right is so important to the fabric of American society....

Jan 2017

Why Do I Need to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

“Innocent Until Proven Guilty” Does Not Exist Before Trial The criminal justice system is both misnamed and misunderstood; there is usually not much justice to be had and, if you are a criminal defendant, it certainly does not care about you or your...

Sep 2016

10 Answers About DUI

1. Am I required to do the “field sobriety tests”? NO! Law enforcement officers are not required to tell you this, but the so-called “field sobriety tests” (FSTs) are completely optional for drivers who are over 21 years old and not on DUI...

Aug 2016

Your Right to Remain Silent

The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution is among the most powerful and most important. It says, among other things, that you cannot be compelled to answer any questions asked by any government agent where the answers would be or potentially could be...

Aug 2016

What to Do When You Are Stopped by Police

There are many ideas about how to handle a traffic stop. Some people say you should act like a subservient toad and do as you are told no matter what, others say you should be a stubborn ass and question everything. The truth, as I see it, about how...

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