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Indio, California, is known as the "City of Festivals" for such annual events as the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, the National Date Festival, and the Riverside County Fair. And Indio was also once acclaimed as the "Hub of the Valley." But there is more that goes on in Indio than "fun and games." It is also center of DUI and other arrests, both for locals and its many seasonal visitors.

And if you are facing criminal charges in Indio, CA, you don't want to entrust your future to any but the most experienced and dedicated of defense attorneys. That means you need someone not only familiar with the details of the California Penal and Vehicle Codes, but who also has deep practical experience in the relevant practice area and who is fully acquainted with local Indio and Riverside County court processes.

We at Palm Desert Criminal Attorney have a long track record of winning DUI cases and a wide variety of criminal defense cases in Indio and surrounding areas. Attorney David J. Givot combines top-tier legal education with years of hands-on, "real life" experience. 

David J. Givot first earned a reputation as ranking among the best in his field in his Long Beach and Orange County practice; but he has successfully expanded into the Coachella Valley region and has built a strong reputation in this locale as well, including in Indio.

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Our Vision and Our Commitment to Our Clients

What sets Palm Desert Criminal Attorney apart from the competition? In a word, it's our commitment to each and every client we serve. Our vision is to defend your rights to the full and fight tenaciously to win you the best possible outcome to every case we take on.

And another thing that sets us apart is our strong record of bringing that vision to reality, time and time again. We have a long list of satisfied clients, and we get many of our new clients on referral from old ones.

But beyond our firm dedication to your best interests at every turn, we also bring a uniquely broad and deep degree of legal experience to the table. We can often force prosecutors to negotiate or even to drop a case because they know they can't "get away with" pushing a weak or inconclusive case that other defense attorneys might not know how to defeat.

We always fight first and foremost for a dismissal (especially through strategic pre-trial motions) or an acquittal. But we also understand when and how to negotiate for a favorable plea deal, that will reduce the charge and/or the severity of the sentence, when that is the best possible option.

Our Practice Areas

David J. Givot and Palm Desert Criminal Attorney possess intricate familiarity across a wide range of criminal defense practice areas.

See our individual pages on specific practice areas for more in-depth information, but here is an overview of some of the most common types of charges we routinely, and successfully, defend against.

  1. DUI and DUID

Driving under the influence of alcohol or an intoxicating drug is easily one of the most common of all criminal charges in Indio, as elsewhere in California.

Under California Vehicle Code Section 23152, it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle while "under the influence of" alcohol (subsection A), while having a blood-alcohol content of .08% or higher (subsection B), while under the influence of an drug (subsection E), or while under the influence of both alcohol and drugs (subsection F).

The potential penalty for even a misdemeanor, first-time DUI or DUID conviction includes:

  • Up to 6 months in county jail.
  • A fine of from $390 to $1,000.
  • A minimum license suspension of 6 months.
  • At least 3 months of mandatory DUI School.

For a repeat offense within 10 years of the last DUI arrest or when a DUI offense causes injury or death to another person, the penalties grow steeper and can even become felonies.

Many wrongly assume that it is futile to try to defend against a DUI/DUID charge, but this simply is not the case. We at Palm Desert Criminal Attorney know how to challenge the BAC reading, FST test results, police report, and other evidence of the prosecution. We also are quick to spot any police violations or your rights during the traffic stop or arrest, which could get your case summarily dismissed.

  1. Other Driving Crimes

Other driving crimes, like hit and run, evading an officer, reckless driving, and driving with a valid license can also have serious consequences upon a conviction. 

Not only will points be added to your driving record and your license be in jeopardy, but jail time and heavy fines are also possible sentencing elements. 

Attorney David J. Givot has deep experience in these "other" driving crimes practice areas and not just in DUI defense. He understands the details of each relevant statute and is familiar with the best defense strategies for each type of scenario.

  1. Drug Crimes

The most common California drug crime, and among the least serious, is Health & Safety Code Section 11350, possession of a controlled substance. But even "simple possession" is punishable by significant jail time and will find it difficult to find gainful employment with a drug crime conviction on his or her criminal record.

The consequences for HS 11351, possession with intent to sell or HS 11352, sale or transport of a controlled substance, can be extremely severe, affecting you for the rest of your life.

We at Palm Desert Criminal Attorney know how to challenge the assertion that you possessed a controlled substance. But we also know how to fight to get higher level drug charges reduced to simple possession or other lesser offenses.

  1. Theft Crimes

Any illegal taking of the property of another person without his or her consent is an act of theft under California law. But there are great variety of types of theft crimes.

Petty theft (PC 484 and 488) is stealing items valued at or below $950; while grand theft (PC 487) is illegally taking property valued at over $950. But any theft of a firearm counts as grand theft, and it is very likely that the theft of an automobile will qualify as "grand theft auto."

Burglary is defined as entering a building with the intent to commit a theft or any felony once inside. Robbery occurs when physical force or intimidation is used to carry out a theft. And shoplifting, fraud crimes, and mail theft are all unique charges that require specific types of defense strategies.

Attorney David J. Givot has successfully handled all manner of theft crime defense cases in the past, and he will know how to build a solid defense for your case as well.

  1.  Assault & Battery

Though most people think of "assault and battery" as a single crime, in fact, California law distinguishes between the two offenses.

Under PC 240, an "assault" is the attempt to inflict physical harm on a another person without any actual contact taking place. PC 242 covers "battery," which is the carrying out of an assault, at least to the point of touching the victim. And battery causing serious bodily injury is handled under PC 243d.

Defenses often used against the twin crimes of assault and battery include:

  • Lack of intent to inflict physical harm (it was an accident or a misunderstanding.)
  • Defense of self or others. (The victim was really the perpetrator.)
  • Exercise of reasonable child discipline. (Parental rights.)
  1. Domestic Violence

In many cases, domestic violence allegations are just assault and/or battery charges where the alleged victim was a current or former romantic partner. For, it is the relationship between the victim and perpetrator that defines domestic violence crimes.

They are otherwise the same as some other crime in the California Penal Code, but they are punished somewhat more harshly due to the violation of trust and taking advantage of a relationship involved.

Some specific examples of domestic violence crimes include: PC 273.5, corporal injury to a spouse or cohabitant; PC 243.e1, domestic battery; PC 273d, child abuse; PC 273a, child endangerment; PC 270, child neglect; and PC 368, elder abuse.

As a conviction on a domestic violence crime can ruin relationships in your life besides incurring jail/prison terms and/or long probationary periods, they should not be taken lightly.

It is not at all uncommon, however, for false or exaggerated domestic violence charges to be filed out of revenge or other motives. At Palm Desert Criminal Attorney, we know how to cross-examine witnesses and work to bring out the "true story" of what happened.

  1. Weapons Charges

Crimes involving firearms are especially harshly punished in California, and there are also many weapons violations that are independent of any other crime.

Examples of weapons charges include: assault with a deadly weapon, illegally carrying a concealed weapon, possession of a weapon by a felon, illegally selling a firearm, and illegal possession of an assault weapon.

Many weapons charges are felonies, though that will depend on the type of weapon possessed, the way it was or was intended to be used, and the defendant's past criminal record. David J. Givot knows the ins and outs of California's firearms-related crimes and will know how best to defend you.

  1. Probation Violations

Under PC 1203.3, being found guilty of violating your probationary terms can lead to cancellation of probation and being sent to jail/prison or to a modification of your sentence in some other way. 

The result of an alleged probation violation is at the discretion of the presiding judge. Thus, it is crucial that your lawyer present all exculpatory and mitigating evidence at your hearing. David Givot has helped many past clients stay out on probation after an alleged violation.

The above is not even an exhaustive list of all the practice areas we handle here at Palm Desert Criminal Attorney. For example, we also have expertise in such areas as juvenile offenses, drunk in public, various violent crimes, expungements, appeals, and more.

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